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Nasceu a 09 Junho 1979

Professor de inglês./ Teacher of English./ Amante da poesia, da música, das artes, e da filosofia./ Poetry, Music, Arts and Philosophy lover./ Vegano./ Vegan./ 禪
My Belov’d One

Thy lush and lusty sweet lips, I taste.
The perfume of thy skin, I breathe.
Ah, how luscious thou art, my belov’d one!
Thy enchanting eyes bewitch me as well as in my dreams
And I cannot help this feeling taking over my heart.
O, my heart hath been filled with thy magic spell!
Through thy bright eyes, I can see the whole beauty inside thee.
O, my sweetheart, my one and only love!
My dear’st sweet gorgeous lady,
Let me fly away with thee.
Let me be by thy side, my love.
Let me be not only on thy mind, but also in thy heart.
My Muse, I worship thee, my dear’st enchanting goddess witch.

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