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FabianoAzevedo Ver Perfil
Nasceu a 09 Junho 1979

Professor de inglês./ Teacher of English./ Amante da poesia, da música, das artes, e da filosofia./ Poetry, Music, Arts and Philosophy lover./ Vegano./ Vegan./ 禪
You Are The One

How could I imagine
That this magic spell would flow through
My mind and then my heart
So unexpect’d, otherwise marvelous.
Hence, now, I can feel my blood
Flowing through my veins.
Now, I can feel my heart beat, indeed,
Beat for thee.
Such feeling maketh me feel
Alive and so lively
And definitely, thou art responsible for
This beautiful feeling.
Thus thou hast took me out away from the blues.
‘Tis true! ‘Tis true!
Thou hast fill'd my heart with passion and love.
My dear’st, thou art the one.

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